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The X, Y, and Z axes are the three directions of motion that our CNC machines can move in. The X axis represents the horizontal direction, the Y axis represents the vertical direction, and the Z axis represents the depth direction. These axes allow us to precisely control the cutting tool and position it in the correct location to create the desired shape of the part.

The X, Y and Z refers to the largest size of a part that can be accommodated on the machine. This is an important consideration when determining which machine to use for a particular job.

The table size, measured in millimeters, indicates how large the work surface is on the machine. This is important to ensure that the part can fit on the table and be secured properly during machining.

Finally, the maximum weight is the heaviest part that the machine can accommodate in kilograms. This is important to ensure that the machine can safely handle the weight of the part and maintain precise control during machining. All of these factors, along with the capabilities of our experienced team of machinists, allow us to provide high-quality CNC machining services for a wide range of industries and applications.

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